BONES and brews

Catch our Bones & Brews live streams, Thursdays at 4pm! Here is a playlist of our past episodes.

Our concerts and events are currently postponed. Any tips, follows, likes make a huge difference in this time for us.

Thanks for watching and supporting!

Thrown-Out Bones EP

EP is downloadable on our Bandcamp page!

"Feel It In Your Bite" LIVE @ Freewheel Brewing

A "Thrown-Out Phones" session in which our friends helped us record the video using their own phones! Recorded at Freewheel Brewing in Redwood City, CA.

Woman - Wolfmother cover by Thrown-Out Bones LIVE @ Rickshaw Stop

A groovy, laid-back and funky spin on the infectious Wolfmother track, “Woman” performed live at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA by Thrown-Out Bones.

Live Sounds!