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With seven cross-country tours under their belt, it’s no wonder every song and performance by SF-based trio Thrown-Out Bones invokes a spirit of adventure. Lead singer/drummer powerhouse Liliana Urbain fronts the band with explosive and infectious joy, supported by her middle school bestie Nick Chang on gritty blues rock guitar and fellow high school band nerd Sam Miller on psychedelic and jam-centric bass. After 15+ years of playing together, the group has honed a unique, multi-genre musical language that slides from jazz to funk to rock topped with contemplative improvisation and soaring three-part harmonies. The lyrics themselves traverse surreal whirlwinds of fantasy, insanity, passion, and chaos rooted in a driving search for the truth of being human.


On stage, the synergy between the band is electric, manifesting their signature spontaneity. Whether it be improvising songs about a member of the audience or inviting them onstage to sing lead, Thrown-Out Bones rides the power of a live crowd and encourages fans to drive what each show looks and sounds like.


Their genre-bending “swanky rock” sound, experimental and immersive performance style, and full-time independent touring grit has taken them to over 40 states and onto shared bills with greats such as Cory Wong, The Wood Brothers, and The Fearless Flyers. 


Follow along with the shenanigans on social media, jam out to the tunes on your favorite streaming platforms, and go rock out with them at a live show!

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