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Seeking a live band to play your wedding, party, or other private event? Look no further!

In a nutshell, we are a swanky rock group with a mission to break down the fourth wall. We've got your basic originals and covers to jam out to, but we pride ourselves on our more engaging approaches to live performance such as:

  • Live Bandaroke: You choose a song from a list of covers and become the new lead singer of our band!

  • Improvised Songs: You write the name of anyone in the audience (that can include you) and some basic information about them. The band will improvise a song about them in whatever genre they want!

  • Open Jam: If at any point someone in the audience wants to come up and join us on one of our many jam breakdowns, do it! We've had harmonica, trumpet, someone taking over drumming, singing, burlesque, even spoken word!

— Weddings

“I hired Thrown-Out Bones for my wedding, and they were absolutely fantastic! Their energy is contagious- they got everyone up and having fun (even with a relatively shy group). They learned a few of my favorite songs specifically for the wedding, and I was really impressed by their musical talent. I can’t recommend them enough to elevate an event to the next level!"

- Natalie Stottler, Bride

— Private Events

"Thrown-Out Bones is my go-to band for special events. Not only can they provide and run their own sound, but they know how to cater to a crowd and space. If the vibe is relaxed, they keep the grooves mellow. If people are energized, they'll rock out, improvise songs, and really make audiences feel like part of the show."
- Max Silverstein, Owner of Original Pattern Brewery

— Corporate

"We’ve been regularly using TOB on our corporate team building events for full band karaoke and their energy is always awesome! They definitely know how to connect to a crowd and make them feel like part of the show. Not only do they know the greats for karaoke but they have their own crowd pleasing jams and even make up songs relating to the crowd on the fly. They are my go to, and always down to try new things and make an event happen."

- Tyler Welch, Producer of Tyler's Mystery Tours

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