Whether it be improvising songs, crowd-surfing, or pulling audience members on stage to sing along, Thrown-Out Bones is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to perform. Their classic style flirts with a seductive and gritty tone all their own.


Lead singer Liliana Urbain's voice slides between sweet and raw as she tears her way through melodies and lyrics that tell stories of road warriors, love, fantasy, lust, and occasionally Greek mythology. What’s more? She supplies all this energy and emotion from the throne of her drum kit.


That power is matched by the band's guitarist, Nick Chang. Wailing beside Urbain, Chang's guitar conjures driving rhythm, screaming lead, and chaotic break as he melds his own sultry voice into Urbain’s.


Finally, Sam Miller fills out the sound with thick and driving bass lines. His style plays with the intricacy and experimentation of artists like Jaco while leaning back into the groove with Wooten-inspired class.


Together, Thrown-Out Bones creates more than music. It’s infectious passion that inspires. A performance that blurs the space between audience and stage. And a rock concert that is anything but.